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All of our cleaners are biological and don’t include any harsh chemicals. That means that your kids and pets are safe from the harmful effects that other cleaners might have.
The turf is 100% safe after being clean by our team of professionals so feel free to use your turf for a picnic or some yard games after cleaning.
Of course! We include the option in our service to repair any broken seams to make sure that your turf is always looking in good condition.
BriteTurf is the only trusted artificial turf maintenance company by certified turf contractors. We have partnerships with Biltright Construction and AlwaysGreen Turf, both of which are installation companies. We have a combined 16 years of artificial grass installation experience and 31 years of carpet cleaning services. We understand how turf is supposed to be installed and properly cleaned. Products you can purchase online or in store are too weak to get the job done which is why we developed our own line of products that are up to 10 times more effective. Other products mask the smell, we ELIMINATE it! We will deep clean and penetrate through any odor. We are not garden hose cleaners (spraying turf with a garden hose is not powerful enough to clean). We have invested in the right machines and equipment to penetrate through any odor. Turf restoration needs to be done by installation professionals. You’ve invested quite a bit of money in your turf. Installers like us should be handling re-blooming and restoring your turf. We are confident to say we are truly one-of-a-kind and are the best turf cleaning company in the Nation.
BriteTurf is the leading professionals of the turf cleaning industry. We have the most expensive cleaning equipment available, that is specifically designed for synthetic grass that we drive out to clean your turf. We have the best enzyme that is safe for pets and still disinfect and kill any bacteria in your turf. Our enzyme will not only treat your turf but clean out the existing infill and while draining will clean the base material under the turf. Our competitors simply hook up a cleaner to a garden hose and spray it or repurpose carpet cleaning machines to do a sub-par job.
Inexperienced installers sometimes put in the wrong infill or no pet infill at all. We will examine the infill that is already inside the turf. If there is none, 1 to 3 pounds per sqft is required. If your existing install had some type of pet deodorizer, we will examine it and will be able to know exactly how much needs to be added. Best part is, we charge a small fee for infill replenishment and the price you pay for the product is the price that we get charged!
If you choose just to clean the turf, you can use as soon as it is dry to allow the synthetic turf cleaning products to settle a bit. If you choose to clean and add new pet deodorizer, you can use the synthetic grass as soon as new deodorizer is added and sprayed in. For commercial properties, we suggest a 30-45 min dry time before allowing your members back on the turf.
There comes a time that every section of turf needs to be replaced but, we highly suggest investing in a full service clean before doing that. It could save you thousands!
It is much more cost effective to clean it over new installation. A good install for 1000 sqft usually costs between $10,000 to $11,000. Cleaning 1000 sqft of turf correctly is less than a tenth of the cost.
Deep cleaning turf is not an easy process. Most over the counter synthetic grass cleaners do not work, or only work for a few days. We have the right machines and best products for cleaning your artificial grass. If you are trying to maintain the turf on your own, you must be very careful. If you do not have the proper equipment, you can tear out the grass blades, rip the seams, slice the turf and even melt the grass. We have outfitted every service van with over $30,000 worth of cleaning equipment to get it done correctly without ruining your turf.
Yes, we clean and sanitize and maintain putting greens on a daily basis. They have their own unique process that we have perfected over the past 16 years.
Absolutely not. Power washing will help get rid of any debris that is stuck in the grass but will not clean it. The only way to actually clean the turf is to inject the cleaning agents into the turf. Power washing is a good method but it will not deep clean, sanitize or kill bacteria. If you want to truly clean, sanitize and kill bacteria, BriteTurf will deep clean it professionally.
NO! The use of steam cleaners will not only damage the turf but void the warranty. Never allow a carpet cleaning company to step foot on your turf!
Yes they do. If synthetic turf is not properly cared for, your dogs can get very sick. People walking barefoot on turf can potentially be exposed to all sorts of bacteria. If turf is covered in urine and pet feces, humans and dogs running and walking all over it can track bacteria and other nasty things back in to your home. Just like changing your pillow after having a cold to insure you do not stay sick longer than you have to, dogs need the same treatment. When your dog is sick and has diarrhea or a sick dog is cared for at a doggy daycare, we should be the first call. Cleaning after instances like this prevents the dog from staying sick for longer than it has to as well as protecting other dogs from the bacteria.
Artificial grass is not a cheap investment and every properties needs are different. Power brooming should not occur more than 2 to 4 times a year or the blades will wear out and break fairly quickly. Some people attempt to power broom or re-bloom once a month. This is a big no-no. Only professional installers should service artificial turf. They know where the turf blades set and how to use the equipment the right way.
NO! A garden hose is not powerful enough to penetrate urine, and bacteria. It will not go away or it will come back fairly quickly. Getting your grass professionally cleaned comes with many benefits. Our crews are equipped with the proper machinery needed to deep clean and remove all odors from your artificial grass. Only time a hose end spray is acceptable is in between professional cleanings for general up keep.

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