How Often Should I Get My Artificial Turf Cleaned

A lot of people don’t know how often they should have their artificial turf cleaned…that answer usually depends on a few factors, such as the type of turf you use, where your turf is located, and how much foot traffic it gets. We have compiled this blog post to help make sure you know when to clean your artificial turf.

Kids and Pets

If you aren’t sure how often your artificial turf needs to be cleaned, but you have kids, pets, or both that use it regularly, we have a standard guideline that most homeowners fall into.

Homeowners Without Dogs

For non dog owners with average traffic on their turf, we suggest 1-2 times a year to ensure proper drainage, elimination of bacteria and possibly replace infill on an as-needed basis. For non dog owners with heavy traffic on their turf, especially from kids, we suggest quarterly for the same reasons

Homeowner With Dogs

For dog owners, cleaning is all about not allowing urine, hair, and feces to accumulate for too long because if it does, the pet odor will become more prevalent, and be harder to get rid of. We have broken down the suggested cleaning schedules based upon the size of your furry friends and how many you have.

These are the most standard cleaning schedules for homeowners. The schedule can vary depending on the diet and gender of the pets, which can cause the smell to show up more or less frequently than the suggested cleaning schedules. The frequency of cleans should be adjusted accordingly.


When deciding how often your artificial turf should be cleaned, consider where it is located. The more traffic the turf gets, the more frequently it will need to be cleaned. If you’re going to have many people drinking and eating on top of your artificial turf, you will need to have the grass cleaned more often. If your turf is located in a less trafficked area, it might be able to go between professional cleanings without risking too much wear and tear.

Foot Traffic

Having a lot of foot traffic on your turf will wear out the fibers much faster than in low-traffic areas. The more people walk over it, the dirtier it will get, and that can start showing up as stains become very noticeable. It would be best to avoid any heavy furniture being placed on top of the turf for this exact reason.

It’s recommended that an artificial turf cleaner cleans your turf once a month for every 100 people who step on it daily. This means that if you have a small patio and only one person using it regularly, there is no reason why your grass should be professionally cleaned more than twice a year.

On the other hand, if you have a large patio with hundreds of people walking on it every day, then your grass might need to be professionally cleaned as frequently as once a month.

Size of Turf

In terms of the size of your turf, bigger is always better. It would be best to consider the length and width when thinking about how frequently your grass needs to be cleaned. A larger area means that an artificial grass cleaner will need to clean it less often than a smaller one because there will be more wear before dirt starts to build up significantly.

Use of Yard

Different activities put different levels of wear and tear on the grass, some more than others. Some activities such as dog walking or running will leave your turf less dirty, but won’t do it any favors in terms of preserving its lifespan. On the other hand, sports such as football can leave a lot of damage on the grass without noticeable dirt and grime.

The type of activity in your yard determines how frequently your turf needs to be professionally cleaned. If you have an artificial turf in Southern California that gets used often for physical activities (such as playing soccer or Frisbee), it will need to be cleaned more frequently than a lawn that doesn’t have as much action.

Duration of Use

How long you plan on having artificial turf plays an essential part in how frequently it needs to be professionally cleaned. If you’re planning on leaving your artificial grass in for 10 to 15 years or longer, then you will need to have it professionally cleaned regularly.

Some people plan to replace their lawns before then, while others have more long-term plans. In order to keep your turf looking new during its entire lifespan, it is recommended that you clean your grass at least 1-2 times a year with regular infill replacement.

Heaviness of Use

If you have a backyard with many children or pets, think about how quickly the artificial grass will get dirty. The more foot traffic and pet activity the turf has to deal with, the more frequently it will be cleaned. This doesn’t just apply to grass that’s used with children, but also dogs.

If you have pets or children running and jumping on your lawn, it’s going to need to be cleaned more often than a garden that doesn’t have as much activity.


The weather is another important factor that should be considered when deciding how frequently your turf needs to be professionally cleaned. If you live in an area where there’s a lot of rain or snow, you need to have your artificial grass cleaned more frequently than if it were located somewhere with no precipitation. Precipitation can leave a lot of dirt behind and make it harder for the turf to clean itself, making professional help necessary.

Here are some signs that you need to have your artificial grass cleaned:

If you want to know how often your artificial turf should be cleaned, the answer is different for each person. The factors that affect this decision are the type of turf used, the location where it’s installed indoors or outdoors, foot traffic on the turf, kids and pet use, size of the yard, and duration of use. If you would like your artificial turf cleaned, reach out to Turfclean.

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