How to Remove Pet Odor From Artificial Turf

Homeowners and other residents of Southern California love artificial turf because it is an effective, low-maintenance alternative to grass and decorative landscaping plants that require daily watering. Yet, for pet owners, artificial turf poses some serious challenges because the blades and surface can collect debris and smelly particles from the fur, skin, paws of their pets between professional inspections and repair calls. These particles include bacteria, sweat, saliva, skin oils, muck, urine, feces, yeast, and food. Removing pet-related odors requires that you clean your turf regularly, especially in pet-run spots and high human foot traffic.

Clean Your Artificial Turf Regularly

Cleaning artificial turf with pets is challenging because of the way that particles build up quickly on surfaces. You might think that you already know how to clean artificial turf, but think again if you have ever had to deal with the hardened buildup of these materials or stains. In those scenarios, you’ve allowed too much time to pass between personal and professional cleanings.

The key to cleaning artificial turf when you have pets and removing awful odors is to deal with accidents as quickly as possible after they happen. Once materials harden, you can always expect to have more difficulty removing them. You can actually damage the turf over time by repeatedly trying to do so, even worse, the artificial turf absorbs and retains odors the longer you wait to clean.

To prevent odors and stains between professional artificial turf maintenance appointments, we suggest inspecting the blades and base surface weekly. If you find urine, feces, or other materials, use hot, soapy water to wipe away those materials. When you can no longer see the mess, then drown the area with an enzyme-based pet odor eliminator. These cleaners are made up of naturally occurring enzymes that are formulated to target animal waste and break it down. When the enzymes are done doing their job, they then turn to water keeping your lawn safe for kids and pets. You may be tempted to use a spray bottle or hose, but rinsing alone won’t remove oily particles that stick to the surface. Between accidents, you can also reduce the build-up of any odor-causing or staining materials and maintain your lawn by lightly sweeping it with a damp, soft-bristled broom daily and rinsing it weekly by hosing it down. Please note: To conserve water, never spray your artificial lawn daily.

Invest in Regular Deep Cleaning

As you have likely already realized, self-cleaning artificial turf is not enough to prevent it from having nasty smells that worsen over time. Tiny holes and gaps in artificial lawn materials make it difficult for homeowners and others to perform the deep cleaning tasks necessary to eliminate odor-causing particles from every part of their lawns.

Each day, professional artificial turf cleaners like TurfClean Inc. think about how to remove pet odor from artificial turf. Since 2017, we’ve thought about nothing else. We approach this problem in several ways with our TurfClean cleaning sanitation and deep cleaning services:

We remove recent large debris from the surface that has accumulated since you last swept it, including human and pet hair that can become matted into the blades and embedded at the base of each fiber. We then utilize commercial-grade portable turf extracting machines that work better than many other methods on the market. These machines are used to spray a bacteria-killing agent, which agitates the turf blades to get the cleaning solution deep within the turf and pull out all that dirt and grime. Finally, our TurfClean technicians use our enzyme-based pet odor eliminator, which is specially formulated with 7 strands of enzymes, to completely knock out the smell. Our technicians then fully inspect their work to ensure your artificial turf looks and smell fresh once more.

Odor Elimination Is Possible

As you consider how to get pet urine smell out of artificial turf, it’s important that you think about the products you and a professional turf cleaner use on your lawn. Artificial grass cleaner and odor elimination products must break down anything that can cause a buildup of odor-causing materials from pets, including cellulose, grease, and starch particles, which can bind together with other particles. An odor elimination product must also penetrate both the surface and subsurface areas because pet urine crystals can migrate with human and pet foot traffic into drainage holes and settle below the surface. All cleaning products and equipment used by a professional must be able to penetrate openings or gaps in the surface and break down and extract odor-causing materials.

At TurfClean, we have created our own proprietary enzyme-based pet odor eliminator product to use with our deep cleaning and extraction equipment. After extensive research and testing, we found that billions of enzymes coupled with seven microbial strains break down particles for easier removal from your artificial lawn. They’re not only highly effective but also child-friendly, pet-friendly, and biodegradable. We believe in doing everything we can to preserve our world, which is why we only use renewable raw ingredients that are safe for humans and pets. We have also proven that our product works well to eliminate odors in high foot traffic residential and commercial locations. Homeowners, business owners, and dog daycare facilities rely on us for keeping their artificial turf clean and odor-free.

Restore Your Artificial Lawn

TurfClean is proud to offer superior artificial turf cleaning, maintenance, and repair services to our neighbors in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Riverside, and surrounding cities in Southern California. The knowledgeable, skilled and caring members of our team approach each cleaning job as an opportunity to help turf owners restore and maintain their lawns so that they and their pets can continue to enjoy these surfaces for many years. For more information about this topic or to schedule an inspection and deep cleaning appointment, contact us today.

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