Overtime, artificial turf gets damaged for a multitude of reasons but don't worry! BriteTurf can fix any damage or nagging issue. Below are a few of the most common issues we fix on a daily basis.

Low Spots

Low spots can be caused by various factors such as the removal of trees, the presence of tree roots underneath, heavy rains, or activities of burrowing rodents like gophers. We could lift the turf, address underlying issues, and add base to level the ground, then compact it to ensures stability.

Melted Turf

Whether it be a large melted section from window reflection or a single burned spot, we use industry-leading radio wave technology to reattach new turf. BriteTurf can repair the melted turf spots either with turf supplied by the client or matching turf supplied by BriteTurf at an additional cost.

Lifted Edges

If your turf was not anchored or may just need a little help, BriteTurf can help get those corners tucked and anchored.

Rips or Tears

If a rip or tear appears, we can replace the section with a piece left over from your install (if you still have some) or do our best to match it with samples we have on hand.

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