How to know when its time to clean your turf

If you have a home in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, or anywhere else in Southern California and need a turf cleaner to clean the artificial turf in your yard, we can help. For years we have provided full-service artificial turf maintenance for many homeowners, apartment complexes, and businesses. We deep clean, fluff, sanitize, remove debris, replace infill, repair, and replace dirty or damaged artificial turf. If pets, foot traffic, mud or dirt has your turf looking dirty, discolored, or damaged, contact us.

How To Know When Your Turf Needs Cleaning

If you have ever wondered if you should clean your artificial turf, we can help. There are several ways to tell when your artificial turf needs cleaning. The frequency it should be cleaned ranges from twice a year, all the way to twice a month. It depends on the amount of human and pet traffic on it and if there are trees and plants nearby shedding leaves, twigs, and other debris on it. Cleaning it regularly can help to keep it looking great and make it last longer.

It Looks Matted Down

If your artificial turf looks matted down, it’s time to clean it. When there’s lots of foot traffic and roughhousing on your artificial turf, it can get matted down and no longer springs back up when you walk, lay or play on it. The reason for that is because dirt, mud, and other things are weighing it down and spoiling its appearance. We are the artificial grass cleaner you should call. We have many effective methods for cleaning turf and making it look lifelike and vibrant.

It Looks Dull

If your artificial turf looks dingy, dull, and discolored, that’s a sign you need us to come in and clean it for you. We have revolutionary methods, special tools, child, pet, and environment-friendly cleansers that can revitalize your artificial turf and make it look clean, green, and lively. We understand what causes that dingy look and can get rid of it in a flash. Using advanced methods, we can give dingy artificial turf a green, attractive appearance you are sure to love.

It Has Stains

If there are leftover pet stains on your artificial turf, we’re the artificial turf cleaner you need to call. We are stain removal experts and have the right cleaning agents, deep-cleaning tools, and techniques needed to remove all types of stains and leave your artificial turf looking fresh and clean. In a perfect world, we would like to handle the pet stain as soon as it happens, but life is busy and we can work our magic on stains that have been present for quite some time. We know what to do to remove even old, deep-down stains from artificial turf.

It Looks Grimy

Environmental toxins, oils from people’s shoes, and spills can make artificial turf get a grimy appearance, if you notice this, give us a call. Our technicians are specially trained to remove the oils that give artificial turf that grimy, unsightly appearance. Our extracting equipment is specifically outfitted to lift oil and grime off artificial turf, as well as help restore some of its colors.

It Has Pet Waste On It

It’s not unusual for pets that play on your artificial turf to occasionally have an accident on the turf. Whether it’s solid waste or urine, we can quickly remove it, sanitize and deodorize the area, and make it look clean and smell fresh. It does not matter if the urine or solid waste is fresh or if it has been there for some time; we have the right tools, techniques, and equipment to remove it the right way without leaving a trace. You will be pleasantly surprised by our ability to get rid of any type of pet waste you have on your artificial turf in minutes. Call us right away and let. 0 us make your problem with pet waste go away immediately.

It is Smelly

If your artificial turf has a bad odor, that’s another sign it is time to have it cleaned. When people and pets use your artificial turf surface day after day, it can begin to develop an unpleasant odor. If you can smell your artificial turf, you need to have us come in and clean it thoroughly. Sometimes artificial turf may look clean and still give off the foul odor of your pets or the things that may have spilled on it. We don’t simply disinfect the artificial turf to mask the foul odor, we do a deep-down clean to remove the source creating the bad smell.

It Has Bacteria Build Up

When artificial turf is exposed to all types of environmental factors, bacteria can begin building upon it. This can make it look and feel dirty as well as unsanitary. We can remove all the bacteria that has grown in your artificial turf over years. If you want to get rid of both the visible and invisible bacteria, give us a call today. Our technicians will do the thorough cleaning your artificial turf needs to get rid of all the built-up bacteria.

A Sick Dog

Artificial turf is a great place for pets to play and spend time together unless one of those dogs is sick. Bacteria from a sick dog can easily spread and stay trapped in your artificial turf for months. Just like children at school, when dogs play together at the park, beach, doggy daycare, or on your turf, if one is sick the others will most likely catch it as well. If your dog can’t seem to get over a sickness or a sick dog has recently been using your artificial turf, your turf needs to be cleaned and sanitized and you should call us immediately. Our technicians are trained on how to keep a veterinarian’s office and doggy daycares a safe place for dogs to visit and will apply these same techniques to keep your turf safe.

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